Cristina Dima, Freelance Marketing Consultant

Cristina Dima is a Communication professional with extensive experience in Marketing, Corporate Branding and Performance Marketing.

Cristina Dima is a Communication professional with extensive experience in Marketing, Corporate Branding and Performance Marketing. She is from Romania, currently based in Lisbon and has been working in marketing for over 20 years. She is currently focused on Industry 4.0 / B2B / Tech Startups.

You can find her on LinkedIn here.

Why did you choose a career in marketing, how did you start?

I started working in marketing many years ago, in a period when Romania’s marcomm industry was not necessarily an option in terms of a job. I loved the challenges I had to overcome, to implement good campaigns and prove results for the company. I also loved the dynamics of the projects and the fact that marketing tactics evolved year to year.

Tell us a bit about your professional path until now. 

I started my career back in 1996, when Romanian advertising was only at the beginning. Therefore, I was able to gain experience in all types of campaigns, both ATL and BTL, field campaigns, events, even PR. I managed to keep up with all the changes provided by the new technologies and gradually applied them for all the companies I worked for. I was lucky enough that everywhere I worked, I met flexible, open-minded people, willing to allow me to test and try all these new technologies and tactics.

What advice do you wish you got when you started your career in marketing? 

Is not necessarily a piece of advice I expected, but more like support – elder generations should be more supportive with the beginners, and tell them to ask all the questions they have in mind, no matter as “unimportant” as may seem. From each answer, something good can be learned and a dream career can be built.

Learnings in your marketing career that brought the most value?

I like to keep up with the new technologies and digital channels, try all the possible tactics and see if they provide results. I don’t like to say “I can’t learn this”

One result you are really proud of as a marketeer

Over the years I worked for many companies, both B2C and B2B, classic business or e-commerce, with various budgets, from thousands to millions of euros. In all these companies I believe I had my contribution and prove my work, with measurable results. For the past 2 years, I decided to start a new path in my career, as a digital marketing nomad, therefore I moved out of Romania and worked with different companies around Europe. For me, the most valuable is a Romanian startup I started working for in 2020, helping them build awareness and trust among the European Industry 4.0 manufacturing companies.

What’s one important B2B marketing trend that will gain popularity in 2021, in your opinion? 

Companies must pay more attention to sending personalized content to their customer – therefore an automated tool, used by all departments, should be taken into consideration. Also, in order to prove their expertise, they should have in consideration to start B2B specialized podcasts or video streaming, not just the usual SEO content, uploaded on their blog/website.

Which is the strongest social media channel in 2021, and why? 

Hard to say what is the strongest social media channel. Social media channels can be evaluated only with regards to the company’s profile, target groups, and campaign metrics (build a brand or generate sales).

What would you recommend to businesses that want to grow in 2021? What about the tactics they should avoid?

First of all, they need to have a clear strategy and stick to it. If it comes to startups (meaning low budgets), they should have a well-defined target group and use all the possible online channels to reach them.

Can you name one digital marketing tactic that you find overrated?

When I answer this question I always keep in mind that what provided good results for a business, might not work for the other. In digital marketing campaigns, where we can get almost real-time results, every tactic can have a trial and error baseline – compared to 10 years ago, when the campaign once started, could not be stopped and we could only get the results at the end, now is very easy to have EOD results and if something does not deliver as expected, can be adjusted before the campaign ends.

But definitely, based on the working background, now is possible to advise customers which are the best tactics to use, according to their business profile.

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